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Missing Insulation


Find missing insulation without destruction to you walls, roof and ceilings

In summer, is your house too hot inside or hotter that it was last year?

During winter, has the house become colder than it was before?

If this is the case, the insulation in the house may be failing and you need to call Detect a Leak in to do an insulation inspection for you. In light of global warming, ensuring that the insulation in your home is doing what it was designed to do is one of the major areas where you can help to reduce your own carbon footprint. It will make your house more energy efficient and save you money.

Hot or cold sources of air getting in can be pinpointed to the exact position. There is no need to get into your roof or open any walls to check on your insulation’s performance. It can be done without causing any damage or disturbance to your house. The pictures below show examples of failed or incorrectly installed insulation in the roof.

On the left is what you see, on the right is what Thermal Imaging equipment sees.

 insulation missing insulation missing thermal
 missing insuation missing insulation thermal
 missing insulation in roof missing insulation in roof thermal