Shower Leaks

Detecting leaks in you shower

Locating Shower Leaks

Showers can leak from many places:

  • Where the glass meets the walls
  • At the shower taps
  • Tiles grout failure
  • Through Water Proofing
  • Leaking Showers can attract Termites to your Home
  • Mould can also develop through leaking showers and moisture
  • Mould is a Major Health Hazard
  • Through the walls
  • Behind the walls
  • Through the cracks in the wall and floor tiles
  • Around the waste outlet
  • Around the taps
  • Pipes in the wall

Shower breech botched and leaked into wall and onto passage floor every time taps were turned on


Shower breech failed and leaked into wall and onto passage floor whenever taps were turned on

Shower Leaks can and do attract Termites to your Home

  • Termites flourish on moisture and once they become established, they are capable of doing dangerous damage to your home. Leaking showers produce perfect situations for nesting termites.
  • Termites are social insects which cause great damage to woody structures in the home such as frames, joists, bearers, studs, braces, even battens and rafters.
  • The removal of termites by pest controllers is a costly exercise. Once they are detected and eradication processes put into action, then comes the search for the damage they have caused.
  • The eradication itself can be very costly, as the exterminator has to dig under your house, concrete driveway, gardens or environs to find the nest.
  • If you have a water leak in your shower call “Detectaleak” today to find it for you.