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Pipe Locator and Pipe Leak Detection

Our trusted pipe location service

Burst or leaking pipes can be nearly impossible to locate. What’s more, the water leaks underfloor or within the walls can cause costly damage.  Did you know, a leak does not have to be large to be seriously costly and damaging? Even a leak of just 0.5m in diameter can cause over 475 litres to be lost per day!

leaking pipe hole

As such, it’s important to locate the pipe and detect underground pipe leaks.

Detect A Leak has specialised in underground water pipe detection for over 30 years. We use the very best location technologies to ensure the underground pipe is located quickly, accurately, and as cost-effectively as possible.

his is a perfect solution if you are losing water, but cannot detect the source of the leak. From there, repairs can be carried out with minimal impact to your property.

About Infrared Thermal Image Technology For Finding Burst Pipes

Testing for burst pipes i.e. a burst pipe test can be performed with our infrared thermal imaging. This is an effective way to locate hidden water leaks.

At Detect A Leak, we use FLIR T640 and Fluke TiR32 infrared cameras to ensure the best possible result. These cameras produce high-quality and high-resolution images. Using this specialised technology, pipes and leaks can be detected in walls, floors, and underground.

How It Works

Our highly trained specialists will ensure the pipe and leak is identified using sophisticated technology, without causing any structural damage. The infrared images use damp meters, humidity and dew point meters through acoustic equipment and ultrasound equipment.

With this combination of technologies, hidden and underground pipes and leaks become clearly visible, which would otherwise be impossible to see with the naked eye. This is helpful in detecting pipes within walls, in showers, and even underground.

using infrared technology to locate hidden pipes

Benefits of Using Thermal Image Technology

The thermography acts as a reliable burst pipe test. This pipe detection service will make sure the leak is located as quickly as possible from above ground. As such, the technology makes for a quick and the least destructive way of detecting an in-wall, in-ceiling or underground pipe.

pinpointing the location of an underground pipe

The thermal imaging is two dimensional. This means that comparisons between areas within the target are possible. Put simply, we can measure at two points or a hundred points in the same image, and then compare them.

The accuracy of the pipe detection technology ensures the location of the pipe is identified correctly. This removes the risk of plumbers mistaking the location of the pipe, which can be incredibly costly.

As such, the accuracy of the pipe detection test minimalises risks of damage to your property.

What’s more,  our infrared thermal imaging is non-contact and done through remote sensing. Thermography does not affect the target or intrude upon it in any way.

It’s a non-destructive leak detection service that will save you ripping up the ground or your walls looking for a pipe that may not be in the exact location you think it is.

In addition to being non-contact, the underground pipe locator service will also allow for quick repair of underground pipes by yourself or your chosen plumbing professional.

The real-time pipe detection means that immediate action is possible. Once the leak is detected, the location will be marked. From there, repairs can be made with confidence.

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If you’re looking for accurate pipe detection and a reliable burst pipe test, you can trust our industry expertise and sophisticated technology.

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