Leaks underground

How to avoid the destruction of your paving and walls

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Leaks underground 

Firstly an electronic listening stick is used. This amplifies the noises of the water running through the pipe and escaping from the pipe. This enables the leak detection technician to determine if you have a leak as well as the possible size of the leak and to narrow the search to a particular area. This saves a lot of time.

Electronic listening stick Sensitor Hydrogen detector


Gas Injection Method

After the water main has been turned off, forming gas, which is a harmless gas made up of 95% nitrogen and 5% hydrogen, is injected into the water pipe at a low pressure. The gas pushes the water back to the hole in the pipe where it exits the pipe. The gas comes to the surface and the leak detection technician detects the gas with the Sensistor 9012 XRS H2 detector which is acknowledged to be the best and most accurate leak detection equipment in the world.

H2 injection
H2 escaping from pipe


Ground Microphones

Once the leak detection technician locates  the forming gas at the surface which indicates that the leak is close, a ground microphone is used to confirm the position of the leak.

Sewerin Stethafon Primayer Ground Micrphone


Using gas injection method

Infrared scanning is also used for the leak detection of underground water leaks
Leak detection of underground water leaks is done by using infrared scanning.