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Leaks in Showers

Detecting leaks in your shower

Locating Shower Leaks

Showers can leak from many places:

  • Through the walls
  • Behind the walls
  • Through the cracks in the wall and floor tiles
  • Around the waste outlet
  • Around the taps
  • Pipes in the wall
  • Where the glass meets the walls
  • At the shower taps
  • Tiles grout failure
  • Through Water Proofing
  • Leaking Showers can attract Termites to your Home
  • Mould can also develop through leaking showers and moisture
  • Mould is a Major Health Hazard

Shower breech failed and leaked into wall and onto passage floor whenever taps were turned on

Shower Leaks can and do attract Termites to your Home

  • Termites thrive on moisture and once they become established, they are capable of doing extreme damage to your home. Leaking showers produce perfect conditions for nesting termites.
  • Termites are social insects which cause great damage to wooden structures in the home such as frames, joists, bearers, studs, braces, even battens and rafters.
  • The elimination of termites by pest controllers is a costly exercise. Once they are detected and eradication processes put into action, then comes the search for the damage they have caused.
  • The eradication itself can be very costly, as the exterminator has to dig under your house, concrete driveway, gardens or environs to find the nest.
  • If you have a water leak in your shower call “Detectaleak” today to find it for you.