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Cable Fault Location

Cable Fault Locating

Our Cable Fault Location Service can save money on repairs by quickly finding the problem and avoiding expensive re-running of cables.

Whether it’s electrical or communication cable, call us before you give up and re-run it



We can provide you with the most professional service available.

Ground Cable Fault Diagram
Cable Fault Circuit Diagram
Series Cable Fault Location Diagram

When at some local point in a cable, insulation has deteriorated to a degree that a breakdown occurs allowing a surge of current to ground, the cable is referred to as a faulted cable.

The position of maximum leakage may be considered a catastrophic insulation failure. See Figure 4.

A this location the insulation or parallel resistance has been drastically reduced and a spark gap has developed. See Figure 5.

Occasionally a series fault shown in Figure 6 can develop due to a blown open phase conductor caused by high fault current, a dig-in or a failed splice.


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