Water Leak Detection

Detect A Leak has specialized in water leak detection since 1998,in showers, in walls, underground, under paving and under concrete. You get access to all this experience as well at the very best leak detection equipment available to find your water leaks.

Detect A Leak covers leak detection services in the following regions:

The Greater Sydney, Central Coast, Illawarra Region, Shoal Haven,Southern Highlands and Blue Mountains.

Specialized Leak Detection Equipment Used

A variety of very specialized leak detection equipment is used in order to make sure the leak is located as quickly as possible from above ground with minimal, if any, damage to your property, saving you money.

Plumbers without the necessary specialized leak detection equipment  can only guess where these leaks are and may make costly mistakes in the process of looking for the leak.

Let Detect A Leak take the guess work out of the equation, it will save you money.

When the leak is found it will be confirmed and the position marked, your plumber can do the repair.

Plumbers, Building Developers, Insurance companies, Builders and Private Owners make use of Detect A Leaks’ services.

Water is a precious resource, let’s used it wisely

 A single tap that drips one drop per second loses 981 liters per month